Why hunt with us

Heart River Outfitters provides you with an opportunity to take a trophy whitetail buck in some of the most beautiful land North Dakota has to offer. We take great care to preserve our land and deer, so that you can enjoy this memorable experience. From the picturesque landscape to the one-of-a-kind bucks, Heart River Outfitters offers the best whitetail hunting in North Dakota.

Hunting has long been an activity for friends and family to connect. Our full-service experience makes sure that you have the best hunt possible. You, your friends, or your family can focus on the one thing that matters: the hunt. Our full-service hunting experience ensures your hunt will be a satisfying one. You are treated to the best service possible, with transportation from the Bismarck Airport, experienced guide service, lodging, numerous hunting blind locations, lodging and meals, and taxidermy and meat processing.

These efforts are to ensure the success of your trip. When you embark on a hunt with us, there is more than just taking the shot. Heart River Outfitters ensures you receive a memorable hunt with trophy game on an incredible landscape.

The variety of land features in our 3,500 acres of hunting ground offer a range of hunting types. Rifle, bow, and muzzleloader hunters will find their ideal hunting set-up. Heart River Outfitters does not make hunters compromise by having to participate in a specific type of hunting. In the valleys around the Heart River, you can look long down range in your scope. Sit up in a tree and wait for the deer to roam in, or stalk across the ravines and river bottoms to find deer bedded down in the tall grass. Heart River Outfitters’ hunts give all hunters a chance to set out on the hunt of their life.

We believe in taking care of our land and animals. You will notice the robust conditions of the land. Food plot and habitat management is the key to the success of our land and deer populations. It is important that we provide support to our animals so that they are plentiful and healthy, and our crop rotation of corn, soybeans, oats, winter wheat, alfalfa, brassicas, turnips, and clover provide year-round nutrition to our deer herds.

Our management efforts are intended at bringing you the best experience possible. You will find satisfaction in the quality of our deer.

Your satisfaction and success is our top priority. With our full-service experience and beautiful land, you will have a hunt you will never forget. North Dakota has pristine land, perfect for whitetail deer hunting. Experience the thrill of the hunt in the breathtaking Heart River area. Create stories with family and friends that you will share for years to come. There is no better land or better service than Heart River Outfitters. You will have a hunt you will never forget.